1-Bike “Van-Rack” – Tilting


The Gripsport Tilting 1-Bike “Van-Rack” allows fingertip tilt access is fully adjustable (up/down & in/out) to position your bike perfectly against your caravan or camper trailer.

As the name suggests, this rack can carry one bike and as well as being adjustable in and up/down and in/out motion, it can tilt away from your van without the use of tools. This allows you to access anything that is behind your rack, whether it be a storage compartment, gas tank or spare wheel.

Our van racks fit to the ‘A-Frame’ of your trailer using our optional A-frame mount, or alternatively can be fabricated to your rack. It can also be fitted to some rear bumpers (but not all) – for Gripsport’s recommendations, click here.


Key Features:


  • Fits to Caravan “A” frame using our optional  Bolt-On Mount or a fabricated mounting frame. CLICK HERE to see the fitting guide.
  • Load or unload your bike in seconds. CLICK HERE for a video showing just how quick and easy it is.
  • Tilts bike out of the way for instant access to front boots, toolboxes, gas bottles etc. CLICK HERE for video.
  • Carries 1 bikes up to 30kg.
  • Fits all bikes. CLICK HERE to see.
  • Perfect for big electric bikes.
  • Safe for carbon fibre and lightweight alloy bikes.
  • Bike is held completely secure.
  • Fully adjustable… to position bike perfectly on your van.
  • Can be swapped to a vehicle tow bar quickly and simply. CLICK HERE to see how.
  • All steel, zinc plated and powder coated finish.
  • The quickest, simplest, most adjustable and most secure bike holding system of any carrier in the world.
  • Set & Forget bike positioning. CLICK HEREto see
  • 100% Australian designed & made.
  • Guaranteed structurally for life.
  • Delivery anywhere in Australia and NZ.
  • Weighs 14kg (carrier only – does not incl mount to “A” frame).
  • How to assemble and setup your GripSport rack. CLICK HERE to see.


Main Rack

Rack Only, Rack Bolt on Mount [specify tall, short or Q/R mount at checkout order notes] ( $338), Rack Towbar Adaptor [1 2 Bike] ( $148), Rack Bolt on Mount [specify tall, short or Q/R mount at checkout order notes] Towbar Adaptor [1 2 Bike] ( $486)

Wheel Hoop Options

Standard Setup – Front Wheel Hoops & Rear Wheel Tacos, All Wheel Hoops – No Taco Channels Replace 1 Standard Setup with Fat Bike Setup


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