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If you cannot find the question you would like answered below, please get in touch!  We are very happy to answer all your e-bike queries.

How fast can I go on an e-bike?

Depending on the terrain and conditions, and model of bicycle, you’ll be able to reach up to approximately 25km/h with electric pedal assistance. Obviously, if you want to go faster down a hill, etc. you can, the electric motor will however stop pushing you after the 25km speed limit.

Do I need a licence?

No. All our 250-watt electric bicycles are street legal and can be ridden anywhere a regular bicycle can be ridden. (Please note regulations vary from State to State, you should check on the regulations in your State or Territory.)

Are electric bikes easy to ride?

An electric bike is very simple to ride. It has the same gears, brakes, pedals, wheels and frame as a regular bike. It just has an additional option that gives you the option to be assisted while you ride to take make it more effortless!

How does my electric bike recharge?

Electric bicycles are powered by a lithium long-life battery that runs an electric motor attached to either the wheel (hub motor) or the cranks (centre drive/crank motor). The motor becomes engaged when you start pedalling. You have the control over how much support you receive from the engine by selecting the required level (usually 1-5 levels). When you stop pedalling the bike will slow done like a normal push bike. Some of our bikes have the additional option of a thumb throttle to use when taking off form a complete stop or to use off road.

How far can I travel on an electric bike on a full charge?

This will depend on a number of factors, such as battery size, the weight of the rider, the terrain (hills), winds and the amount of assistance you choose. However, most riders will be able to travel at least 40 kilometres with full power assistance, an average of 60-80 kilometres, you may achieve well over 100 kilometres with less power assistance. Larger capacity batteries are also available for some Gehring E-bikes. You can always take a spare on a trip too. Pop it in a pannier or strap it to the rack to double your distance if going for a full day ride. Take your charger with you too if possible and give it a charge at your destination before returning home!

How do Gehring e-bikes compare with others on the market for price?

We cut out the middleman. Direct from the manufacturer to you at wholesale prices. Our quality e- bikes range from about $1200 with the average price around $1500-$2200 for our top end models. We don’t pay a retailer, so we pass these savings on to you. Retailers add on a hefty percentage and charge thousands for their electric bikes. Don’t think that just because our bikes are cheaper than others that they are not good quality. We have been selling e-bikes for 5 years now and try and find you the best value for money. Many of our customers are from word of mouth as our customers are so happy with their e-bikes and our after sales service so they tell their friends!

Should I test ride an e-bike?

We highly recommend this. While a bike may look good on a web page and sound ideal, every bike rides differently. You may love the look of a bike on a web page but find another in the shop that rides much better for you and is more comfortable. It is not unusual for a customer to come in with a particular bike in mind and ride away with another after test riding them.

Am I too old or will my mobility issues prevent me from riding an e-bike?

Many of our customers thought their bike riding days were over before test riding one. Electric bikes allow you to continue riding at whatever pace you are comfortable with and enable you to keep up with a bike riding partner or friend with the help of the e-bike motor. We have bikes with a low step through, so you do not have to climb onto them. We even have three wheeled bikes in stock at times that means people with balance issues can also ride bikes more easily. You will be amazed at the freedom that can return to your life with an e-bike.

Do I need to register my electric bicycle?

No. None of our 250w bicycles need to be registered as they are regarded as street legal pedal assisted bicycles in all Australian States and Territories.

How do I maintain my e-bike?

E-bikes are easy to maintain. Make sure you trickle feed your lithium battery now and again if it is not going to be used regularly. This will ensure a long battery life and that the lithium cells stay active. Keep your chain lubed up and apply the same maintenance you do on a regular bike – gears, brakes etc. We recommend regular servicing to keep your bike in great shape and always riding like new! Talk to us about servicing your bike.

How many years does a battery last?

A battery can last 5 years or more if you look after it. If not in use for a few weeks then simply pop it on the charger for a few minutes to keep the lithium cells active. If you do not charge your battery regularly the cells will start to deteriorate. If you feel your battery is not what it used to be, talk to us about a battery repair or a new battery for your Gehring e-bike.

Why buy from Gehring e-bikes?

  • We sell quality electric bikes and accessories at wholesale prices – we cut out the retailer middleman!  You get the savings
  • We have been selling e-bikes in Australia for more than 5 years and have many happy customers.  Many of our sales are simply through word of mouth!
  • We are a family business so offer family style service and care.  The business is run by brother and sister Anthony and Anne.  
  • We ride these bikes ourselves and sell those bikes that have withstood our rigorous quality control.  We sell cheap but not cheap and nasty like some online e-bike stores where the quality is bad.  
  • We don’t just sell electric bicycles; we match them to the specific requirements and size of the individual. We want you to love your new bike and make the right choice for you.
  • We provide after sales in-store workshop service, including a 3-month free safety check and service for every bike sold.
  • You can test ride any bike in the shop. 
  • Our electric bikes comply with Australian Standards, making them street legal.
  • We sell all the accessories you need for your bike.  If you can’t find what you need we will get it in for you quick smart!
  • All our bikes come with a full warranty on the battery and frame

Why buy an electric bike?

Get back on a bike again!  Many customers thought their riding days were over.  Electric bikes offer the ability to once again get that freedom of bike riding without all the negative side.

E-bikes are:

  • cheap to run – they work out at about 15-20 cents of electricity to charge a battery. Much cheaper and environmentally friendly than using petrol!
  • E-bikes are quiet
  • E-bikes can save you heaps in transport costs
  • Get exercise and have fun at the same time
  • No more straining up hills!
  • Most importantly of all, e-bikes are FUN!  You will never get bored of riding one


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